APRIL 9TH, 2023

We want to invite you join us this easter, even if you've NEVER been to a church

7:00am | 8:30am | 10:00am | 11:30am | 1:00pm

Come to The Vertical Church for a sub-60 minute service of high impact worship, a service message relative to the modern day, and a welcoming environment for anyone looking to find Jesus!

Can I bring My Kids?

YES! We have an entire Kids Area Dedicated to your kids where they can go during the service.

Our Kids Area is open all service timesClassrooms a have a lesson or activity that's scaled down so that your child can learn about Jesus at his/her own level. Each classroom is taught by a minimum of two volunteers both of whom have been thoroughly trained, background checked, and completed a short shadowing period under an experienced volunteer. Our Kids Area's are also securely locked during service with a security guard at each entry point, only allowing staff, appropriately background checked volunteers, and parents to enter. Each class is also monitored to ensure the safety of every child in Kids Area facilities. 

You can drop off your child to the Kids Area before the service starts to the Kids Area Check In Station. The Kids Area volunteer at the Check In Station will help you get your child placed into the correct classroom. You'll receive a sticker that matches one for your child that will need to be presented upon pickup.

If you need any help or have any questions, the Kids Area Check In Volunteers are ready and eager to assist you.

What Can i expect?

When you come to The Vertical Church, you can expect a casual, and fun atmosphere with real people just like you. We have an amazing and friendly team ready to help you find your way around and let you know that you matter to God. Once you find your seat inside the auditorium, there will be big and exciting worship music (you're more than welcome to sing along and get into the music, even if you don't know the songs) and an easy to understand and spiritually moving message that is relevant to our everyday lives that will last under 60 minutes. Nobody in our church is perfect, and we don't expect anyone to come in perfect; we just want you to be here and connect with God.

Just come as you are with any problems you may have. We want you here just as God does!

Where Can One find this AWESOME Church of which you Speak?

Our physical location is 3142 S. Arizona Avenue, Yuma, AZ, 85364.
Our digital home is www.vertical.church, but you might've already known that because you're already here.
Our phone numbers (we got TWO phones) are (928)726-3007 or (928)440-9500
And if this video isn't what brought you here, you can check it out right now. Or watch it again, it's a pretty funny video.